Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2 week menu plan - Overview

I hope to write a more detailed post sometime about how I menu plan, but for now, here's a quick overview of our menu and shopping trip for the next two weeks.

- Toast, fruit
- Eat out (because we are shopping, this is built in to our "eat out" budget)
- Rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, corn (our "go to" meal on shopping days. Usually make the left overs into Chinese chicken salad, but going to just eat left overs this week)

- Pancakes
- Left overs
- Sweet potato fish bites, roasted potatoes, salad

- Pancakes
- PB & J sandwiches, chips
- Tortilla soup (taking to a friend who is on bed rest)

Friday (Jon works)
- Pancakes
- Play date at Nikki's house
- Left over tortilla soup

- Pancakes
- Lunch out
- Party
(My sister-in-law is in an airplane pull contest so we won't be home at lunch and then Jon has a work party where dinner will be provided)

- Toast, fruit
- Quesadillas, guacamole, misc or leftovers
- Kielbasa, green beans, potatoes, onions
(We find that crock pot meals are ideal on Sunday's. Thaw out meat Saturday night, place all items in crock pot after lunch, nap, wake up and eat!)

Monday (Jon works)
- Toast, fruit, cereal
- Chicken nuggets
- Leftover kielbasa or eat at in-laws

- Cereal, toast, fruit
- ? Left overs / fridge food
- Easy bean burritos

Wednesday (Jon works)
- Muffins
- ? Fridge food
- Left over bean burritos

Thursday (Jon works)
- Muffins
- ?
- Hot dogs, mac & cheese

Cucumber - Lunches and dinner
Rotisserie chicken - Tuesday's dinner, left overs
Pork - Cut, bag and freeze, will get 9 + meals for $22
Hot dogs - Thursday + more
Kielbasa - Sunday + 4 more meals for $10
Flour tortillas - Staple
Chicken broth - Staple
Shredded cheese - Staple

King Soopers
Cilantro - Tortilla soup
Grapes - Breakfast / lunch
Yogurt - Breakfast / snack
Fritos - Lunch / snack (usually a Sam's item)
Cantaloupe - Breakfast / lunch
Marmalade - To make sauce for dinners
Milk - Staple (usually a Sam's item)
Buttermilk - Pancakes
Oreo's - Needed one more item to get $5 off ;)

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