Thursday, September 5, 2013

From my point of view #2

Shane has been showing tremendous interest in using Carter's potty. Every time I change his diaper he will sit up, point to the potty and say something that sounds like a question mark would if it could make a sound. Off comes the diaper, on to the potty we go, play around for a few seconds, clap for trying and put a fresh diaper back on. We've only had potty in the pot once so far, but he's just shy of a year and a half so I'm not worried.
Laundry day begins with Shanes diapers. And with the return of summer comes the return of my clothes line! #clothesline #clothdiapering #fuzzibunz

Jon's completely thrilled. He can hardly wait to get out of diaper duty. But for me it's bittersweet. I've had someone (and at one point both) in diapers for the last almost 4 years. And, since the Lord hasn't seen fit to provide us with another baby at this point, it looks like all the little cloth diapers will be packed away in the not too distant future. I love watching my boys grow up, all the new things they are learning, seeing them finally start to play together. But I am already lamenting empty arms with no baby to cuddle. Maybe the Lord will provide another one, maybe not. I'll miss my diaper bag too ~ how am I going to lug all that extra stuff I've been packing in there for the last several years?....

Sorry for all the potty talk, but it is the life of a mom!

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