Monday, April 4, 2016

April Mission Board

I actually completed my Mission Board for April!

I limited myself to 3 or 4 items in each category. That gives me about one thing to do each week per category. Everything I wrote down pretty much centers around getting the house packed up / moving / building our new house, just varying aspects of that project.

On the opposing "Notes & Ramblings" page, I divided it in half. One side is for "occasions", as Corrie TenBooms mom used to call them, and the gifts I am planning for each "occasion". The other half of the page is for "activities" we'd like to do as a family for the month. We are really trying not to get so bead-locked on moving and building that we skip doing fun things as a family or neglect the boys need for interaction.

I'll be jumping on Instagram later today to share my to-do list for the day and my progress on it, so come follow me there! Hoping y'all have a productive but stress less day!

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